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Congratulations on The Success of The "UTON PAD Multifunctional Tablet Global Conference"




Enabling technology to enjoy life intelligently.On November 25,2019,the"UTON PAD Multifunctional Tablet Global Conference"was successfully concluded at Shanghai Pudong Xinghewan Hotel.

▲Ms.Li Siqi,General Manager's speech

New technologies have accelerated the diversified development of the technology industry.The integration of new areas has put forward new demands on corporate strategic performers.The company's organizational structure,resource structure,talent scale,strategic decision-making,leadership capabilities and strong execution capabilities are always reminding us of the need for large-scale cooperation and wider area,a more sophisticated collaboration system,jointly respond to change and complete the mission.

▲Mr.Xu Jingdong,Deputy Dean of Heshu Institute

Dean Xu delivered a sincere and enthusiastic speech:We gathered together to release step-by-step products,use a responsible spirit and technological innovation to meet demand,and contribute to the exploration and promotion of digital technology to serve the economy.

▲Belarusian Heshu Executive Director General Manager Andrea speaks

We have a gradual technological foundation and excellent products.We have broad prospects in the European market and in-depth cooperation in many fields.

▲UTON CEO Mr.Terry Airy made a speech

▲Mr.Renia,Technology Director of Belarusian Heshu

Mr.Renia,technology director of Belarusian Heshu,highlighted the development of LikeLib's system composition,technical characteristics,and commercial application of LikeLib,providing a cornerstone of trust for modern society.

▲Chairman Tang Yi released new products

Chairman Tang Yi officially released the new product UTON PAD multifunctional business tablet PC.Comprehensively introduced its powerful functions and application value.

UTON PAD uses a double-sided screen design,built-in security chip hardware,and digital encryption technology to enhance security.Has 48 million high-definition cameras,large operating memory and many other features:click for product details☞Heshu new UTON PADs are on-line,born for business!

The release of the UTON PAD multifunctional tablet is another brilliant contribution,and it marks the beginning of a new journey.We will continue with fuller enthusiasm and more professional services.